Queer Comics & Drawing Workshop with Henna Räsänen

25.09.2020, 11- 16 Uhr online

Welcome to the Queer Comics & Drawing Workshop! In this workshop we learn together the basics of comic storytelling from paneling to easy framing, read and discuss a selection of queer (web) comics and most importantly – DRAW a lot! Throughout the day there’s different fun and fast comic drawing exercises, including making your own comic minizines – a full multi-page zine folded from just one paper!
No drawing skills necessary, just bring yourself, some paper and markers, as well as your phone or other way to document and share your comics online!

The workshop is in english and online!

Anmeldungen unter info@queerhistory.de

Henna Räsänen is an Comic Artist – Queer Punk – Metalhead, living and working in Berlin.

More infos about Henna Räsänen: https://www.instagram.com/henna.rasanen/

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